The Nexus Prime is an exciting topic; you guys love it, and we love it just as much here at Ausdroid. If you’re not up to date on the rumours swirling around on the internet about the upcoming Nexus device, this article should help you out. This is a list of the posts that have brought us all the information we have about the Nexus Prime — it’s interesting how things rumours change over time. Check it out after the break.

So let’s start from the beginning and work our way through:

People thought it was coming -> People found out it was coming -> Samsung found out people knew it was coming -> People made up specs -> Samsung teased an event -> Someone teases people with Nexus Prime -> Samsung teases people with Nexus Prime -> People tease Samsung with leaked apps and screenshots from Nexus Prime -> Samsung postpones announcement event -> Samsung continues teasing.

That right there sums up what has happened so far. But keep strapped in, folks, there’s plenty more to come before the Nexus Prime even sees the light of day in any official form.

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My only “demand” for the phone is a 1280×720 screen.
It looks like we have a few phones with that spec coming our way, and I really hope it comes the new standard.  Everything else… dual core and so forth, is just expected and already here.

For me, a high rez screen is what will define a next-gen 2012 phone.


I just want to see the definite specs.. All this speculation is just that… And we know how well that went for the other big announcement recently…

It is all a big tease… I just want to know if I will be replacing my sensation with this…

Btw: did we see any rumours relating to sd card slot? Surely they won’t do the same as for nexus s? I would like 32gb plus sd please samsung if you are listening!


I think we should just expect specs on par with the Galaxy S II. Anything better than that is just a bonus.

There’s so many fraudulent ‘tipsters’ supposedly leaking the phone specs, it gets annoying reading all these conflicting reports.

Either way, the phone seems to run well on the leaked video, and ICS looks great so far. Who knows, that leaked vid may even be an old build of ICS, so it may potentially be even better.

Buzz Moody

I have a post coming up tomorrow that I think you might find interesting, re. your first point.


Sounds good, looking forward to it.

Daniel Tyson

I just want good USB drivers from this Samsung built Nexus. MicroSD card slot wise I think Samsung/Google learnt their lesson with the Nexus S. I also think we’ll see a progression from the SGS II hardware wise.


Yeah the usb drivers on all samsung phones are a pain in the arse to get working correctly..

Buzz Moody

Yes, in @google-31634e3c888c298592f5ce8e58a0cb11:disqus ‘s post on the round-up of the rumours surrounding the Nexus Prime, he says that a Micro SD slot is talked about: