Monday , February 19 2018

New Market from Ice Cream Sandwich leaked, install now

At the rate these Ice Cream Sandwich system apps are leaking you’ll be able to compile your own rom before the highly anticipated new Android operating system is officially released!

Today we have the new Market app from Ice Cream Sandwich, it looks incredibly similar to the ‘new’ Market most of us are already using, but i’ve found performance to be improved. This is build 3.2.0 and is purportedly from the upcoming Nexus/Galaxy Prime which we are all eagerly awaiting. Follow the directions below to install the new market, root access is required:

1. Download the file from this link (Phonesky.apk) to your SD card.
2. In Root Explorer, find the file you just downloaded and copy it.
3. Move into /system/app and hit the R/W button for write access – then paste the file.
4. Find Vending.apk and rename it to something like Vending.apk1.
5. Long press on Phonesky.apk and rename it to Vending.apk.
6. Afterwards, long press on it again and choose “Permissions”.
7. Change the permissions to this:

8. Press “OK”, make sure you reboot, then enjoy the new market.

Source: Droid-Life.

Matt Booth  

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6 Comments on "New Market from Ice Cream Sandwich leaked, install now"

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Alex Baldwin
Valued Guest

To the people talking about how long they’ve had this – make sure to read the article. This market DESIGN has been around for a while, but this is the latest version number (3.2 as opposed to your 3.1 or 3.1.5) with potentially better performance.

On my GSII I can’t really feel much of a difference in performance compared to 3.1.5, but in the past market performance seemed to vary depending on what rom I was using (currently on LeoROM 2.7.1).

Valued Guest

I was looking at the screen shot for a minute wondering what you were on about… Ive had the new market for some time now… But yes, it’s better.

llerrad Reham
Valued Guest
llerrad Reham

I’ve had this for a month easy.

Valued Guest

A few weeks ago my market on my Galaxy S starting looking like this… build is 3.1.5 though…

Valued Guest

i’ve had this on my telstra S2 for a while now…

Lincoln Black
Valued Guest

Worked a treat. Far better performance-wise than 3.1 (or 3.1.5?). Thanks.

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