When Samsung put out their initial video for the Unpacked event, a lot of speculation ran rampant that due to the connectors seen on the side of the device they would release a phone and a tablet at the same time, making a ‘Sandwich’ of devices. I just watched through the video again and what I missed yesterday was that it’s actually for a dock :

The connectors on the side are POGO Pin connectors – basically spring loaded contacts on the bottom of a dock. Kevin Packingham, Senior VP of Product Innovation, described this during his talk on the Galaxy Nexus Hardware:

We’ve also designed a special drop in dock with a POGO pin, that will let you quickly take advantage of all that great music and video content that you`ve captured on the device.

I haven’t seen any places offering the option to purchase the dock as yet but I’m thinking I might actually have to get one for my Galaxy Nexus when I get to ordering one.

Source: Google/Samsung Launch video.
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    Milty C

    Speaking of bloatware – is it possible that the google search bar widget at the top of every homescreen on the glalaxy nexus is unremovable. Ive also been using an ICS emulator and this seems like the case. Please someone prove me wrong.

    Sam Cook

    Umm, I’m confused – the POGO connectors are located below the power button, which is usually on the right edge of the phone; yet the photo of the presentation with the phone docked, shows the phone on sitting on its left side.

    Have I missed something here?


    Probably a bit of wishful thinking but just maybe the dock isn’t listed separately as they intend to include it in the package when you buy the phone. HTC have done that with their forthcoming: HTC Rhyme. 



    Same style as the Nexus One dock connectors


    Yes nothing new. The nexus one had these. Plus a car dock and desk dock. Drop and go. Very nice too!

    Much nicer than micro usb dock connectors


    I love my Nexus One desk and car dock.  It is the main reason I haven’t upgraded yet so if we get the same for the Galaxy Nexus then I am sold.


    I upgraded from Nexus One to Galaxy S2 and really miss them