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Two of Australia’s leading online retailers, MobiCity and Kogan, have opened up the pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which was announced yesterday. Kogan are sticking to their low, low prices with a pre-order price of $799 + postage. MobiCity are sticking with their pre-order price of $829 + postage.

Kogan have marked November 30th as the launch date, however, they say that it’s likely the device will ship weeks before then.

If you’re wondering if/when we’ll be reviewing the Galaxy Nexus, it’ll be whenever our hands can snare one.

Source: MobiCityKogan.
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I’m more inclined to get on on a plan, either Optus or Telstra if it’s available. If it’s Vodafone exclusive…..well I might have to give it a miss.


Agreed.. that’s far too expensive for me.  If SGS2 is $530 on eBay I wouldn’t have thought I’d be paying much more than $600.  Add $100 for MobiCiti tax and we’d get $700..


Wow, that’s quite pricey.

I’ll wait for the SGSIII and if it’s not buttonless, then I’ll pick up the SGN which would no doubt be a lot cheaper by then.


I wonder how much more the 32Gb model will be. 


A bit of competition in the grey import market has got to be a good thing I’d reckon.


Does anyone have any experience with Kogan? I’d rather go the cheaper option here if possible.

Curt Liddell

I have heard they take a while to dispatch.

And apparently (If my memory serves me right) they had tons of pre-orders for their “Agora” tablet (I think it’s called) and they never dispatched some of them. I could be wrong. But I remember reading that somewhere…

Just thought you would like to know… Maybe search it up or something before you spend top dollar?

Mark Russell

Stay away from them customer service is crap,had a bad experience just recently.
Morale of the story price isn’t everything.