Today Telstra announced via Twitter that you can now get an Android app to control your Telstra T-Box, the app requires a wifi network in your house to connect to your T-Box and control it. The T-Box is a set top box which delivers free to air, Foxtel and other broadband TV services like BigPond Movies and TV on demand and YouTube.

When you load the app it searches for your WiFi network for the T-Box and as you can see from the above screenshot I don`t own one and as I don`t use Telstra Broadband I can`t get one. The app when installed uses your WiFi network to let you change channels, control the volume & navigate menu items. So if you have a T-Box you can get the app from the Android market here.

Source: Telstra_News Twitter.
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Belinda Hedley

How do I connect it to my home network? Please help.


App works ok on my HTC desire…. but pretty useless if it’s not already turned on , the app can’t turn the box on. So i might as well use the remote I have to find to turn it on anyway.


They should add typing in landscape mode.


I just tested it. It works great. But honestly I dont understand the point. It doesnt offer any new functionalities that the remote that came with the Box already has. Hope fully they will add other functionalities.


Actually reckon it’s more useful than the regular remote… was easier to use this to flick across channels and see what was on than to try and use the inbuilt EPG!




Downloaded this app and tried it.  Have to say I am very impressed and it works a treat.  Picked up my T-Box first time.

Jason F

Hello, I tried the app but no luck at first. I then went to the WiFi setting part of the phone and found the T Box WiFi name and entered the password for the T Box. Once I did this, my phone was connected to the T Box WiFi and the app then worked.