Well how about that, just after mention the Motorola RAZR being up for preorder from MobiCity, we’re told by a reader that Optus have also got the lines open to preorder the RAZR before they’ve even announced the device. So what does the Optus page tell us now that the secret’s out? Well the RAZR will be available for $0 upfront on Optus’ $79 Cap over 2 years and each preorder before the 28th of October comes with a free “Work & Play Kit”. In that kit is following:

  • HD Mulitmedia Dock
  • 18W Power supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • Motorola Android BT Keyboard I
  • Motorola BT Mouse
  • Active Car Cradle and mount
  • 3.5mm cable
  • Car charger

Now that is a whole heap of awesome stuff for free, a little bit tempting if you ask me.

If you preorder before the 28th not only will you get the “Work & Play Kit” you’ll also have your Motorola RAZR delivered by November 1st if you live in Metro areas, or November 3rd if you live out in the sticks.

Optus’ variant of the Motorola RAZR won’t support LTE, so there you go, no plans for LTE just yet from Optus. Tempted yet, readers?

Source: Optus - Motorola RAZR.
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Craig Muldoon

Great deal, and free on the $79 cap beats out Telstra for value for money, it’s just too bad that the Optus network sucks and I wouldnt want to be stuck with them for 24 months..


Nice assortment of free kits, As I’m not that fussed about the locked bootloader (I think it will be unlocked in the future), it’s certainly a tempting phone.

unfunk Freeman

I’d be more tempted if I could pay an upfront amount to reduce the monthly cost. Fuck $80/month – I only use my phone for interwebbling!