I don’t know if Motorola and Optus were planning to keep the launch of the Motorola RAZR here a surprise, but they aren’t doing a very good job. Then again, the device has already been announced over in the US of A, so once again, the secret’s out. This time the Motorola RAZR has popped up on Motorola Australia’s official website which tells people bluntly to purchase the RAZR from Optus, so that confirms the exclusivity.

The website doesn’t mention much else except for how awesome RAZR is meant to be and how it can be used with the overpriced / useless Lapdock 100. I’ll be reviewing the Motorola RAZR once I can get my hands on one, just to see if Motorola can let everyone down as much as they did with the Atrix.

Source: Motorola Australia - RAZR.
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I’ve owned a RAZR since before last christmas….I find it to be a quite handy device, speeds are excellent for my needs, the interconnectivity of Blur means I don’t need to have masses of onboard memory, I love my RAZR


There’s reports about that the Bionic and Razr will get Icecream pretty quickly.
With that in mind, I think it’s mad they’ve released it now and gotten negative press by being compared to the Nexus.  They shoulda just kept quiet about it a couple of more months, got the new Android sorted out and then done a far more exciting announcement.


Yeah, but it won’t be long until the other manufacturers jump in with a similar device with similar specs and ICS. If they waited a month or 2 Razr will be in the trenches against 4 or 5 other devices. Right now it’s only up against one real competitor (maybe 2 if you include the SGS2). I think in the current environment you need to get your new stuff out as quickly as you can. In a way it’s unfortunate for moto that they’re up against the Nexus, but on the other hand, the Razr is a good alternative. It’s… Read more »


I’ve been reading about the new razr for a while now. It looks great and is well specced. But I think the kicker will be quality of moto’s OS that goes on this thing. Moto have released some rubbish custom versions of Android lately. Namely froyo on both the atrix and defy. They were both epic fails and I think that’s the main reason buzz doesn’t like the atrix. Hopefully motoblur doesn’t completely destroy the user experience this time. Even if the bootloader is unlocked, I think moto need to prove that their developers have some idea what they are… Read more »


What is your problem ‘Buzz’. You seem to have something against the Motorola Atrix. You consistently say its a bad android handset, yet never say why? Arguably its the best behind the SGSII. 

Not to mention the fact that you love the SE Arc, which is absolute rubbish – released as a flagship handset during times of common dual-core specification with the typical SE foul ageing design.

Buzz Moody

I wrote a response to this, but as I went to hit ‘Post’ Chrome decided to go back and lost what I typed (I had a 300 word essay for you). I’m going to paraphrase what I said because I’ve lost all motivation to type it all up again.. Atrix: It’s absolutely balls out of the box, even Matt and Irwin (both of whom are massive defenders of the Atrix) agree with me on that. CM7 is meant to increase performance of the device, but I couldn’t try this out as we donated the Atrix to a MIUI developer to… Read more »

Stephen Crisafulli

Ive used the atrix for months along side a desire and then an SGS2 i hate the atrix. I have used a tone of custom roms and it seems nothing can save it. The only redeeming thing is its awesome car dock i drive alot and no other phone has a better car dock and the blue tooth is flawless unlike the desires bluetooth that is not worth a bag of shit