For those of you out there who haven`t got a Google account but still utilise Google Apps you have been locked out of the Google+ social network, till now. This morning the Google Enterprise blog announced via the GoogleAtWork Twitter account that the Google+ is now available to anyone using Google Apps be it at Home, University or Work.

Organisations can now manually turn on Google+ and their users can then head to to sign up or if your organisation is setup to automatically utilise new Google services as they appear, Google+ will appear automatically for your users over the next couple of days.

Once enabled you`ll have the option of sharing posts with people not just in your circles but everyone in your organisation if you choose. You`ll also be able to collaborate on Google Docs via a Hangout. They`re also looking for more ideas on how Google+ can be used to improve your productivity.

Google is currently in the process of building a tool to help users who have been using Google+ on their personal account but would prefer to utilise their Google Apps account, to transition their current Circles over to their Google Apps + profile. Google expects the tool to be available in the next couple of weeks. For more info head on over to the Google Enterprise blog.

Once you`re on Google+ don`t forget to head over to to grab a personalised shortened URL to share with people so they can find you. I of course can be found at

Source: Google Enterprise Blog.
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Enabled it on my domain however it will apparently take 24hours to start working…

Milty C

Does this mean that businesses can have their own profiles ? To my knowledge this hasn’t been allowed by google yet.


No not yet.


About friggin time.