Samsung have had a small victory, in that they’ve applied (successfully) for an expedited appeal hearing. If their luck continues, and their appeal is successful, then we might see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 available for sale soon – but the expedited appeal is no indicator of whether the substantive appeal will be successful.

In the increasingly ridiculous legal battles between Samsung and Apple, this round goes to Samsung. Following claims of “Savagely copying” the iPad 2 design, patent infringements and general name calling the losers in the battle are the Australian retailers and the consumers who have been anxiously awaiting the device’s Australian launch.

After Apple won a temporary injunction to ban the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, Samsung promptly filed an appeal. The application to expedite the appeal hearing has been granted meaning over the next week or two the hearing will commence and we’ll likely see a final decision sooner rather than later.

This doesn’t mean Samsung has won yet, but it will give them a fighting chance to get their Galaxy Tab out before Christmas, if they make a good enough case.

At this time we don’t have any further information: Once the date is set and further information comes to hand the team here at Ausdroid will keep you informed.

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come on samsung, you can do it.

These tabs are getting raving reviews and are killing apple in other countries. What I dont understand is why are they banned in australia and not in other countries or have they been banned world wide?


I really don’t get it.  I own ipad 2 but I can’t see any similarities between this and ipad.  I cannot see there’s a button like the ipad and the front facing camera’s location is different.  Man, I must be blind that I cannot tell they’re different …


Hope it does get released in Australia, my Coles Myer gift voucher is due to expires early next year. Otherwise I’ll have to settle for the Sony Tablet S instead.


so they won an appeal to get there tablet banned sooner.

vijay alapati

its 2 late for me…..specially after release if ICS and preview of Asus New transformer…..

Milty C

Wow ! you got my hopes up with that emphatic heading. I will settle down now.



Edit: but yes, good news!



Ryan Margheriti

Change the title

Derek Weber

You need to change the title of your article. “Samsung wins appeal” is wrong and misleading, and you say so in your article. Their hearing of their appeal is being expedited but they haven’t won it and it hasn’t even been heard yet. Did you not get to pick the title of the article?

Good news, in any case.


The Appeal hasn’t been held yet. All that has happened, is they’ve convinced the Court that an appeal is warranted, and so they will take their appeal to the full bench. 🙂

Full hearing is still likely for next year. This is only in relation to the injunction, and now they have to convince the majority of the 3 judges on the Appeals Panel that the law, in how it was applied when the injunction was granted, is faulty. If they do so, then the injunction will be reversed.