Motorola Mobility are planning to cut a whopping 800 jobs according to a regulatory filing they issued. Bloomberg is suggesting that the job cuts are in an effort to improve Motorola’s earning in the future, seeing as they lost over $30 million in the last quarter alone. The reduction of losses will also ready the company for when Google is expected to take over in the coming months.

My suggestion to Motorola is to stop making zany looking devices and just make stuff that works really well and what consumers want. They’re certainly headed down the right track with the RAZR, but it’s just a start. Hopefully Google can pull them out of the slump they’re in.

Source: Motorola.
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@a23a54d7652a9e31009087895fec0fd1:disqus  – Ah yes, Swype.I’ve tried it a bit – I wasn’t overly fond of it.
But I’d like to give it another try sometime on a tablet sized screen, or even the Galaxy Note.


Hopefully Google’s takeover will mean that motoblur gets killed off and their phones just come with vanilla android and speedy updates


Or at least refine blur so that it doesn’t destroy the performance of the handsets. If they can do that and continue down the unlocked bootloader path, things should improve, IMHO.


They’re certainly headed down the right track with the RAZR

Wrong, just like any other phone without a keyboard the RAZR is nothing but an expensive toy. Again, the RAZR has a non removable battery, how can they be headed at the right direction? Let me not mention that’s its corners are ugly.

Except for the non-removable a battery, the Droid 4 is heading at the right direction (LTE, keyboard etc)….


Dude… Seriously… Think about what you’re saying. Think about the best selling handset on the planet by a long shot – iPhone. Guess what it has? No keyboard. Non-removable battery. Also, if you look at any discussions on the internet anywhere about the razr, people’s opinions of the looks of the razr are generally very positive. In fact, looks is probably the biggest reason that people are considering buying this phone over the SGN. You’re entitled to your opinion but I really think it’s pretty obvious that you’re in the minority. How much interest has there been in the Droid… Read more »


There is quite a group of us who prefer the Physical Keyboard. And a lot of those people find the onscreen keyboard pretty woeful, myself included.

Sure, we may be in the minority (as in, <50%), but there's still a market there for us.

The big reason the Droid 4 has had little interest is that the Droid 3 is less than 6 months old. Being a Droid 3 owner, I'm finding it hard to care about it. I feel a little bit annoyed by it, but I guess I should be expecting short lifecycles.


Ok, and it’s fair enough to prefer the hardware keyboard, but to say any phone without one is a toy is just silly. I hate the tap tap onscreen keyboard too, but Swype is great. Way faster than a hardware keyboard or the stock Android keyboard.


I challenge you to start entering crazy passwords with various symbols such as @#?$#$^/, SSIDs, IP addresses on your soft keyboard and then come and speak to me again because this is what I do! I always wished I had a hardware keyboard. It’s like having a laptop in your pocket. I will repeat my logic again. iPhone and any other phone without a keyboard are useless toys if you want to do serious stuff with the phone that make a tech guy’s life easier. I get frustrated so often, it takes me 5 minutes to write an SMS and… Read more »