Wednesday , June 6 2018

Samsung Galaxy Nexus turns up in Telstra’s internal system

Gizmodo is reporting that an anonymous tipster sent them the above photo that shows the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Telstra’s internal system (called Siebel). We can’t say we’re too surprised to see it considering we saw the GT-i9250T gets its Wi-Fi certification — the ‘T’ devices go to carriers that rely on 850MHz ie. Telstra & Voda.

Something to note though, is our Telstra source has said in the past that just because it turns up on Telstra’s system doesn’t mean they’re going to sell the device — note the ‘LG Star‘, ‘Galaxy S II Mini’, ‘Galaxy S Plus’, they’re all devices not on Telstra even though they’ve been in the system for a while.

Should Telstra sell the Galaxy Nexus, will you jump on their bandwagon?

Source: Gizmodo Australia.

Buzz Moody  


  1. If Telstra sell I’m jumping ship! I’m HANGING for it right now… my phone is on it’s way out…so PLEASEE

  2. Can someone answer this please: If the attraction of the Nexus is the “Vanilla Android” experience without Sense/Touchwiz/Motoblur etc overlap, does it mean that Telstra can still add their bloatware? Does this bloatware slow the operations down or is it just that it is more an annoyance because it appears when you don’t want it? thanks.

    • One of the really nice features of ICS is that you can disable any bloatware added by the carriers (Telstra etc) – so yes they can still add it, but now the users can strip it out again.

      Same isn’t true however for the custom skins added by the manufacturers (sense, touchwiz etc), you’ll need to root the device to get back to a stock ICS experience.

      In my experience carrier bloatware is an annoyance, so ICS is a real boon here. For the manufacturer skins its down to personal preference – up until now sense and touchwiz have added some sorely needed polish to android – I have a HTC Desire and Tab 10.1 and I like both. I have rooted the tab so could go to stock Honeycombe, but I actually like some of the touchwiz extras.

      However ICS is the first android build I’ve seen that looks a polished product, so Nexus is top of my shopping list to replace my Desire early next year….

  3. Never gonna give a single cent to rip off telstra

  4. i’ve been with telstra since my HTC Desire when it first launched and i’ve been really happy with them..the contract is/was suitable when i got it….their data connections are fantastic in comparison to my friends networks…i’m not promoting telstra but i’m happy that they have the system to support all the new devices with great techs which is really important to me and all of you

  5. I don’t want a $79 cap. I’m going to buy it outright and sign up for Telstra’s $49 cap on a 12 month contract. I looked at comparable phones on Telstra already and did not get any downstairs movement for their value for money.

    • Why get locked into a contract? Prepaid at $40 per month will get you more value not to mention cheaper and you’re free to change at will

      • Even better, just get a prepaid data sim and install csipsimple.

        I pay $150 per year for 10GB data (about 830MB @ $12.50 per month) and make my calls and sms over sip (~$5 per month). 

        What I particularly like about this set-up is that other than a small amount of data that I sometimes have left over at the end of the year, I don’t end up paying for anything I don’t use.

  6. I would definitely get one, just not necessarily from Telstra (but would use it on their network)

  7. Alright, but how about the damned gingerbread update for SGS2 Telstra?

    It’s crashing like crazy.

  8. Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note myself…

  9. No way! Let me have the “Nokia Timothy” instead! It sounds way cooler… Not.

    No motorola razr on the list either. I doubt any of it means much tho.

  10. This is exactly what I want as my first smartphone, Galaxy nexus on Telstra 4G.

    • the nexus wont launch with 4G in aus. it will launch as a HSPA+ phone. The 4g bands so far announced for the US are 700mhz. Telstra’s LTE is on 1800mhz

      • Can you cite this?
        As Telstra is launching a their 4G network, what reason is there to no carry the 4G version?

        • They have said the HTC Holiday will be their first 4G phone. It would be strange to stab HTC in the back by getting the 4G Galaxy Nexus. It’s also not viable.

        • for them to carry the nexua they woild have to have an entire custom build with quad band 1800mhz LTE, its a very long process, and especially for telstra which in the scheme of the world are pretty slow to release phones, not tto mention it would totally trump the htc Raider 4g (aka holiday) and basically be a waste of investment, buy the nexus, get contents insurance and if they ever add in the LTE (which i hope, but sadly doubt) then smash it and buy the new one, but realistically by the time telstra could be bothered to do that the next nexus with jellybean (the REAL game changing Android os) will be out anyway, if you want it badly enough im sure you could find a technician willing to have a crack at adding some modems in, then all you need is a good developer aand copy of the modem file that theyll use in the raider. 😛

  11. along with one free credit default!

  12. My guess is that the Nexus will be on Telstras $79 cap w/ 500mb data, $200 calls and text.

    Sounds about right.

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