Android’s next big device, the Galaxy Nexus, has received its official launch date in the UK: November 17th. This is great news for anyone who preordered the Galaxy Nexus from online retailers — especially the ones we mentioned in our Where To Buy the Galaxy Nexus article.

What this also means is that stock is available from warehouses in and around the UK, which leads us to believe that the Australia carrier(s) whom will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should be making official announcements very soon. We’ve heard tidbits about the 3 major Australian carriers wanting to have the Galaxy Nexus on their network, so I can’t wait to see when it’s announced.

As for the Ausdroid review of the Galaxy Nexus; I believe around 3 or 4 members of our team have purchased from the device from MobiCity and will expect to have it ASAP, so a review will be up very soon after that happens. Stay tuned.

Source: Phone Arena.
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Christopher Salmon

None of the Ausdroid team wanted to get the GN from an overseas storefront instead?

Stephen Crisafulli

Sweet all the horrible american news that the LTE phone was going to late November was wearing on me.