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HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, has said in a media briefing that his company is looking to the tablet market with something that will really stand out.

“Tablet is a market we would like to try to test, to see whether we can make ourselves stand out and prevent a me-too product”

Currently HTC don’t have a single tablet launched in Australia — the Flyer was rumoured to go to Vodafone earlier this year — so it would be nice to see them hit our market with a tablet that kicks all kinds of butt.

This got us thinking, what would HTC have to do to make a tablet that stands out in the current or near-future market? We think it would have to have a unique design, interesting interface (HTC wouldn’t use stock Android 4.0) and be at a competitive price point. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The VergeReuters.
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Whilst everyone else here is thinking HTC should do a 10 inch ICS tablet, what about them doing a 5.3 inch ICS phablet, to go head to head against the Samsung Galaxy Note?


Have been a huge fan of HTC for a few years, recently been disappointed with their lack of interest in the Australia market.


250 gb hard drive like the archos7,usb ports and recharge with the mini usb port like the mobile phones.


Funny that, I just send off an e-mail to HTC Australia this morning asking them about a possible table release in Australia. Haven’t got a reply yet. But basically, I would like to see: Icecream Sandwich Tegra 3 1.5 GHz dual core processor Stylus Front camera: 1.3 mega pixels (not too fuss about front camera) Back camera: 8 mega pixels Battery life: 10 hours HDMI Connection Decent speakers Good grip cover on the back like the Toshiba Thrive or the current Asus Transformer. 10″ screen (I wouldn’t be surprised if they try something else like 11″ or 12″ screens) 1080… Read more »


Oh – price range about $600.


I assume you mean quad core given that’s what Kal-El is 🙂


Ah yes, of course. That is even better specs. :-))


I’d happily pay $1000 for a device like that.

Also 1.5ghz of ram
wifi a.b.g.n


10 inch
Heavy sense
1080p screen or 720p
32gb 64gb
beats integration
HTC accessories ie docks

A HTC version of iTunes. Similar to kies but snappier. This is a major problem for Android. Many people like play counts and simple media transfer – like iTunes. Although that’s more a Google problem. Bring offline music management!! WORLDWIDE

10 + battery life
12megapixel camera 5megapixel front

Maybe take an experia design element and have it super thin with thicker handle like edges.

3d screen?
Tegra 3

Phill S

iTunes is RUBBISH…! Drag & drop is sooooo much better. Leave Apphole crap to Apphole.


There are certain things I miss about iTunes that I wish Android had but I guess Winamp can plug a lot of those holes.

iTunes bad

What like almost weekly 84MB update downloads? Resource hungry services? Really crappy sync speeds?

The list is as long as my arm and I have really long arms!


Simple media transfer and Apple in the same sentence?

Try Winamp with its device management and WiFi sync. Manage your media on the desktop and sync whenever your device is in WiFi range. Can’t get simpler than that can it?


tegra 3, 10 hours plus battery life and a kickstand, 


This to


Make a 8 inch with their styles and some sense goodness and so long as the UI doesn’t lag up or nothing they have a winner.