It’s hardly a surprise given it’s popularity since it’s release, but the Samsung Galaxy S II has joined the ever growing list of phones that have had been confirmed to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update, likely by mid Dec but officially “ASAP”.

In a sneaky information grab, we’ve also heard that the HTC Evo 3D will have the update as soon as it can be delivered. It’s really feeling like this release of Android is being better managed by Google and the hardware vendors to ensure that the maximum number of clients receive the update and that the user experience is better for those that do.

Source: Examiner.
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    lol love samsung. 24 hours ago I asked them this question of ics. Their answer was nothing has been decided…
    All I asked was would it be confirmed soon enough. I know its going to be available and I don’t want dates just confirmation that in future it will make it to the sgs2. I should have asked about the sgs if I wanted that reply lol.


    if your phone is still on contract.and you don’t get an update you should be very angry. my incredible s better get ics or I will say goodbye to HTC


    But then how long will telstra take to release it to us? 6 months?

    Buzz Moody

    Probably, which when compared to other Australian carriers is express service.

    Alex Gerontzos

    Has the htc sensation xe been given the green light for ics? Only reason for my asking is between the nexus this to be my next phone and with beats audio combined with ics… maybe the choice for me..and others.

    Adrian Mace

    Whats your source on this? not doubting it but I have only heard from a news report linked on xda that ics for the s2 will be q2 of 2012 also damn im glad i picked up an s2 this morning now hehehe


    Its my hope for ics on the sgs too – can’t see any reason not to, and would rather not have to upgrade my phone until the end of my contract.


    No news on ICS for the Galaxy S then?

    Jake Oliver

    The i9000 will more than likely get an update – if not from samsung – from the cyanogen team.

     It shouldn’t be hard to get working with a fair bit of the preliminary porting work done with the sdk port.

    Vijay Alapati

    why do u want to make ur handset more laggy….just wait for a custom rom 🙂

    Justin Harvey

    i cant wait till CM get it going.
    it looks sexy and cant wait for it on My galaxy S.ill wait and see what samsung do to it or if they even put it out for the SGS. (i would hope so seeing as its only  1yr old and just about the same hardware as Nexus S)