Nearly 2 weeks ago, Samsung released the 3.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was recalled less than 24 hours later. A major (some would say outright clumsy) flaw with wifi in the update forced the withdraw of the update.

Following this, the new update with the fixed (you would also hope tested) update has been released. Although the numbers of 10.1 Tabs in Australia are much lower than originally expected due to the litigious war between Apple and Samsung, there are still a surprising number of users who were caught out by the bugs in the first update. For anyone that did, there is a manual rectification for the issue here

No Galaxy Tabs were harmed in the publishing of this post.

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I’ve got the 3G tablet … but it appears we haven’t got an update as yet. 🙁

Milty C

Samsung might have messed up the update on the first attempt but im pleased to say that they have done a great job with this second attempt. Ive only had my Galaxy tab 10.1 for about 4 weeks and in that time it has had some lag and could be somewhat unreliable. While they were minor problems it was still annoying for a cutting edge device. But since the 3.2 update it is running so well and smoothly its unbelievable, especially when compared to my nexus s.  I now confidently recommend the tab 10.1 to anyone in the market for… Read more »

Geoff Fieldew

Hey Mitty.

How did you update yours to 3.2?

I’ve not been able to find the update via the on device Samung account or via Kies.


All I need now is a grab 10.1…


No Galaxy Tabs were harmed in the publishing of this post.”

Or so you say………


Do you know if the tab 8.9 will be getting 3.2