After a full bench of the Federal Court overturned the injunction halting sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 this afternoon, we reached out to Samsung to find out what this meant for them, they advised :

Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased with today’s unanimous decision by the Federal Court to lift the preliminary injunction on sales of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1. We believe the ruling clearly affirms that Apple’s legal claims lack merit.

We will make an announcement regarding the market availability of the GALAXY Tab 10.1 in Australia shortly.

There has been no word from Optus or Vodafone who were rumoured to be looking at carrying the 10.1 before the legal proceedings began, they may choose to wait for the case to be heard in full before deciding to move forward but hopefully we`ll see some bundling deals once Samsung makes their announcement on market availability.

In the meantime, Mobicity, Kogan, Millennius and DMavo have resumed sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on their websites if you`re looking to import one right now.

Source: Samsung.
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Buzz – Vodafone made a post earlier – Theres a link on ZDnet, saying that they are definitely going to bring this to market ASAP.

Peter Graham

Not sure I’d buy one now .. kind of out of date considering whats coming on the market in a few months .. but if they are going cheap enough I might consider it .. I hope they make apple pay a ton in damages and lost sales.


I wonder how much they are going to be asking for in compensation… I know I was going to get one when they first came out but now I’m thinking I’m going to wait for the new transformer.


The people who want chose finally have a win.

Phil Tann

A Galaxy Nexus + Galaxy Tab 10.1 bundled for $79 with 5GB data on the tab would be SUPER sexy!

Sean Kavanagh

Lets just wait and see how the pricing goes….should be interesting.

Dylan Xavier

Dmavo and Mobicity never stopped selling the tab

Buzz Moody

Neither have stock based in Australia so that’s apples vs oranges.


Actually we had always stocked the WiFi only models in OZ and shipped them from Sydney. All 3G units ship direct to the customers to minimise handling times but the 3G 64GB model has also been available for a Sydney pick up.