The latest platform dashboard for Android shows that 50% of the devices accessing the Android Market are running Gingerbread (2.3-2.3.7) — this percentage is up ~12% since October 1st. In the same time frame Froyo dropped 7% and Eclair dropped 2%.

Let’s hope when manufacturers start rolling out their Ice Cream Sandwich updates a majority of the 50% will become Android 4.X devices. I’m sure we’ll start seeing Ice Cream Sandwich pop up on the platform table when Google next updates it on December 14th.

Source: Platform Versions.
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Williams Elera

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I doubt your hope will happen for a while Buzz. Not with manufacturers like LG still releasing new handsets made for Gingerbread and earlier. The only way to get all the manufacturers on the same page is for Google to change the rules so that once a new major OS version is released, all manufacturers must cease releasing new devices using the older major OS versions.