Take this with all the salt in the world: we’ve heard from a few people in the know (some more trusted than others) who have told us that the Galaxy Nexus is in Optus’ sale systems ready to go once stock arrives and the go-ahead is given by the people in charge. We’ve also heard that a release is expected to happen closer to the end of this month with an announcement expected earlier. This would mean that the Galaxy Nexus will completely miss the Christmas sales, however, it could be put on sale for Boxing Day.

The launch date might not just be for Optus; Vodafone and Telstra might jump on the bandwagon as well. We’ll find out in the coming weeks — remember that salt though.

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I like it. Thank you very much!


I hope this is true and not just a rumour like the recent December 11 US release rumour.

Anjan Dhungel

i dont care


Took them long enough to announce this, I wonder if it will lower the prices for the SGS II (the Razr has already dropped to $49/month).

That GUy

Wrong Carrier… COMON TELSTRA!!!!!


why are we not getting 32Gb version


I really don’t understand why people keep asking this question, only to be hit with the same answer over and over again…the 32gb version is an exclusive to Verizon and due to the fact it is made for their LTE network (not the same as aussie carriers to answer that question) its pretty safe to say we aren’t going to get it….


So why couldn’t they make a 32gb hpsa version?


They most certainly can but I guess the answers lies within the relatively secretive world of carrier exclusives, hopefully it is only a set period of exclusivity which means we might see a 32gig version one day (maybe after 3-6 months?), until then I shall anxiously wait for my 16gig version coming Monday 🙂


Thanks. Enjoy Monday’s arrival!


They can, but don’t want to ‘cos they want to keep the price low.