Sony Ericsson may have let the cat out of the bag a little early from the looks of their blog, it appears they are in the process of setting up an offer for their Xperia phones to get 50Gb of online storage with Box. The catch is they haven`t completed the deal yet, someone published the blog announcing the offer a little early so they had to publish a clarification, but still, even though Xperia owners still have a little while to wait, they`ll be getting 50Gb of Online storage.

Cloud storage is a big thing at the moment, one of the reasons is because it’s a convenient way to move files around your devices. Most people have a standard 2Gb account with Dropbox, which seems to be the most popular service. HTC users can get an extra 3Gb from Dropbox on top of the standard 2Gb and Vodafone/3 customers can get an extra 2Gb of Dropbox storage.

I`ve used Box with my HP Touchpad which came with a 50Gb account, I keep photos in mine just as an online backup. It can be used for pretty much anything so it`s worth it. Sony Ericsson are seemingly doing everything right by their customers these days, with offering upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich for their 2011 Xperia lineup and now offering this bonus, all I can say is if I wasn`t a diehard Nexus fan, my next phone would definitely be a Sony Ericsson.

Source: Sony Ericsson Blog.
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Yes Kaddoble, u must have the file on ur phone in order to upload. And can only upload 1 file at a time…downside!

In the initial article I read Wednesday evening, it announced that the Xperia had already had the memory upgrade and that LG device owners were receiving the 50Gb upgrade as of then. No big deal but being an LG G2x owner, I decided to give it a whirl. Sure enough, once downloaded, opened the app it said u received 50Gb from LG. Best part is its free!


hey dan, if i was to upload a video to box, would i need to download the whole vid on my android phone before watching it? or can i stream it ala google music?

Daniel Tyson

it unfortunately won`t work as a streaming service, so yeah you need to download the whole thing to play it


thanks…is there anything out there that you know of that can stream my own videos from the cloud? Pity we don’t have Netflix or Hulu in Aus.