The Ausdroid team, minus Lucas who couldn’t make it this time, caught up in Melbourne this afternoon for a feed and some drinks at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Melbourne.

We had a great time, with decent food and a good deal of Rekorderlig ciders in various flavours. Some of us met for the first time in the flesh, and others met up again.

What started as a blog by Buzz almost two years ago has grown into a great big outfit with nine staff. We’ve been through a few designs since we started in 2010, and our style has progressed and changed, and we’re happy with what we have.

I’m sure we’ll get the chance later in the month, but thanks for joining us in 2011, and we look forward to having you back in 2012 with some new features, more regular competitions and hopefully the same cutting edge news you’ve come to expect from us.

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    Thanks for all of your hard work guys. Looking forward to reading to whatever news or competition this website brings in 2012.


    hope you all enjoyed your lunch.  Merry Christmas guys and look forward more great stuff from you all in 2012

    Justin Harvey

    oh man, why does the mail man always lose my invite?


    Chris, speaking of competitions, where the bloody hell is the results of the survey from back in mid year, including the names of the survey competition winners.

    Simian Lines

    Wheres the hos at?


    You know the best way you could contribute to android would be to make an android application and boost those app downloads 🙂

    Christopher Salmon

    Thanks for a lovely year Ausdroid, looking forward to many more!


    Well done guys ,great web site , look forward to more informative news from your team