Wednesday , June 6 2018

Dell discontinues the Streak 7 tablet, Optus still selling the last of their stock

It was under a month ago that Optus announced that they would be selling the Dell Streak 7 in the lead up to the Christmas holidays, it seemed pretty weird that it came out of nowhere and now we know why. Dell is discontinuing the Streak 7 — 4 months after ceasing production of the original Streak — to focus on other products (most likely Windows 8 tablets), so it’s a fair assumption to think Optus received a whole heap of the Streak 7s for cheap in order to get rid of them out of Dell’s warehouses as production stopped.

If you’re still hoping to get a hold of a Streak 7 for whatever reason, Optus have them for $0 upfront on a 2 year $29/mo Tablet Plan which includes 4GB of data for all your internet needs.

Source: The Verge.

Buzz Moody  


  1. Catfightproduction

    Just seen optus selling the streak 7 being sold pre paid out right for  $279
    apparently if you load it up with $120 dredit they will unlock it for free.
    or $120 to unlock it without credit

  2. still expensive and tied to a contract for 2 years 

  3. AndroidicusBootALot

    Mmm…no thanks. I like Android 3.1

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