Android devices are released thick and fast all across the world, so naming them is pretty important to ensure its catchy and people want to buy it as well it explaining what the phone is all about. Android Phone Name Generator takes the piss out of how carriers and manufacturers do this by mashing all the usual names together, for example: Sony Ericsson Sensation Slide Z 4G+ One and Acer Captivate Incredible S G2. Hilarious if you ask me, but then again I’m easily amused. Check it out at the source link below!

Source: Android Phone Name Generator.
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    Sean Hatton

    “takes the piss” – love the ockerism, thanks for bringing an Australian perspective to Android!

    Buzz Moody

    Keepin’ it Aussie!


    Motorola Vigor Vibrant S

    MVVS .. sounds like a remote control car noise.


    HOT – Htc Optimus Thunderbolt

    SUPeR – Samsung Ultra Prime Razr

    MAD – Motorola Atrix Desire

    A SS – Acer Sensation Slide


    Sony Ericsson Liquid Slide… hmmmm

    Grant Bridge

    HTC Thunderbolt Epic X.Name a device like that, I’ll buy it.


    Acer Galaxy X2 3D, yes please!

    Ian Tester

    Most of them are too long, but a few were plausible 🙂

    Buzz Moody

    That’s the main idea behind the site.

    Dylan Waghorne



    Toby Munro

    I think I am easily amused also… 🙂

    Cheers for the heads up!

    Hugh McFarlane

    My personal favourites that I generated: Samsung Rezound Optimus G1 4G
    Samsung Mesmerize Optimus Z G1 One,
    LG Legend Incredible X2 Plus
    Sony Ericsson Evo Optimus Prime V G1