Update: The update is now available for download off of the Android Market. It looks and feels really nice, although scrolling seems slower than usual. There’s still no support for tablets.

Facebook are rolling out a new version of their Android application “Facebook for Android” later today according to a blog post on their site. The application looks exactly the same as the current mobile version of the Facebook website, so if you’re familiar with that you know what you’re in for. The update brings better photo viewing functionality with the ability to show tags, comments and likes much easier — photos and albums are said to load twice as fast as well. Messaging and notifications can be accessed from almost anywhere in the app on the top menu and they drop down over whatever you’re currently viewing so you can reply to messages straight away. The last major difference is that the menu is now on the left hand side and slides out whenever you press on it. The menu shows all your lists, favourites and more — pretty much whatever is on the left menu on your desktop Facebook.

Keep an eye out on the Android Market for the update!

Source: Facebook.
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    I hate the new version how can I get the old version back on my smartphone

    Chris Holmes

    Wish it didn’t take so long for Android to get this after the iPhone


    I really like the new app. About time you can see new notifications/friend requests/messages in the main news feed screen.


    Ha! I just deleted the app from my phone 5 minutes ago.  Even mobile web was better.

    Justin Harvey

    i just want to be able to sync my calendar on ICS. I hope facebook give in and uses the APIs it should have from the start. Its hard to keep up with birthdays without that


    Facebook have an iCal feed for the birthdays which you can plug into a Google