The time is coming, ladies and gentlemen, Instagram is making its way to Android in the (near?) future according to CEO Kevin Systrom. Whilst speaking at LeWeb conference in Paris, Systrom noted that two of their developers are currently working on an Android application for Instagram. Two doesn’t seem like much, but with the success of Instagram on the iPhone, I’m going to say these guys/gals know exactly what they’re doing to make a successful and engaging application. There was no time frame given for a release date.

If you’re not even sure of what Instagram is, it’s an application that adds zany (read: hipster) effects/filters to photos you take and makes them look bearable and creative. There are currently a few Instagram alternatives on the Android Market, my favourite is Pixlr-o-matic. What’s yours? and will you move to Instagram when it launches?

Source: CNET.
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    meh, camera360 is pretty sweet in my opinion so i’ll stick to that as my camera app.

    Soul AAnnihilator

    Interesting. I’ll try it when it comes out.


    This is old news, they have had this information up on their site for months.