It’s almost here, guys. Samsung have notified the media (but not us..) that there is an event happening for the Galaxy Nexus on December 14th which is next Wednesday. There was no carrier directly mentioned with the invite so there will be no exclusive — an idea thrown around earlier on. We already know that Optus are going to carry the Galaxy Nexus and will go on sale around the 20th of December, a little too late for Christmas. Telstra is keeping mum on the subject and Vodafone is pointing people towards their blog every time the Nexus is mentioned. We’ll find out for certain in just under a week, but I’m hoping to spill the beans a little bit before then.

We aren’t invited to the event, however, we’re reaching out to Samsung to hopefully score an invite — though a tad strange we didn’t get one in the first place.

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when is the samsung note coming??

Daniel Savaglia

Virgin will also be getting this

Luke Hallion

every dealer ive talked to hasnt even known what the galaxy nexus was >.<

hopefully they work it out soon


I hit up the telstra dealer (fone zone) and they said “optus only right now”…