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Sony Ericsson are bringing the Walkman series back to life with the Walkman W8 which is basically an Xperia X8 with a colour change and a Walkman logo slapped over the top. The software is also slightly changed to reflect the Walkman style of things such as media consumption being a main part of the UI. I can’t say I’d recommend the device to anyone given the lackluster specs: 3-inch HVGA (340×480) display, 600MHz CPU, but the biggest deal breaker is that it runs on Android 2.1.

If for some reason you still want this device, you can score one from Harvey Norman — you know it’s good when Harvey Norman sell it.. — for $194 and JB Hi-Fi for the same price.

Source: Harvey NormanSony Ericsson.
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I don’t know why they are even bothering, the device has been available overseas for a very long time, surely the Live With Walkman would have been a better device to release here.