The other day we got the basic graph from Google showing that the Android market had served up 10 Billion downloads and then came the 10 cent app sale to celebrate, then this morning Google released an infographic via their Android Twitter account which breaks it down into interesting bits and pieces like the most and least popular times and days to buy apps :

I think i`m a big contributor to the 1.87M hours spent on the IMDB app, I love that app. I think Buzz will be quite disappointed to see that Adele songs have been Shazam’d(is that a word now?) 1,789,955 times.

Source: Android Twitter.
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Gotta say that I love the Android icon. Google can do so many things with it and it such a great marketing icon. 

By the way is there an app or something that shows the Android icon waving good morning, hello or even g’day when you turn on the phone??




I am actually surprised that Australia isn’t in the top 10 countries, to be honest.



with population, im not surprised. unless that is per capita in which case i too am quite surprised.


It’s listed as per capita, yeah.


yeah you’re right. didnt see before.
That’s quite surprising considering Australia has, i think, the highest smartphone penetration in the world.

Daniel Tyson

I like to see it as a challenge, let`s just start buying more apps, although after this 10 day sale is finished, i`ll have so many apps to try out


Ha, yes. I think most of them I’ll probably never use, but hey – 10c!


I was but then I remembered that Australia is the holdout for iPhone users.

William Sanders

Probably because the Android market share isn’t high enough over here yet.