Now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is legally allowed to be sold in Australia thanks to the High Court ruling, Vodafone is wasting no time in getting stock out the door. They’re taking online orders right now and if you get in before the 16th of December you’ll get it delivered before Christmas — this being the main reason why Vodafone is pushing it now. It has been almost 6 months since we originally found out that Vodafone were to stock the Galaxy Tab 10.1, however, Apple had to come and ruin postpone the party.

Pricing for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sits as the following..

Hit up the Vodafone Store right now if you’re still wanting one of these bad boys. Just remember, ASUS Australia are going to announce prices & dates in the next week or so for the Transformer Prime, and that thing is going to be a beast.

Source: Vodafone AU.
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Andy Robb

Hardly shocking – its just price matching the iPad, and this tab has better hardware remember. What they’re doing makes sense if you think like this; pre Xmas sales at RRP to capitalise on the current publicity, which then gives lots of room for discounts in post Xmas sales, and it also means any future compensation from apple will be based on the RRP.

Expect to see these selling at much more favourable prices in the New Year….


Shocking price will go nowhere so disappointed.


Any word on whether vodafone will be bundling it?


Yeah the ship sadly has sailed for the 10.1. They’d need to offer it for dirt cheap now for anyone to consider it, especially seeing as it’s the same tablet hardware wise as the Xoom which came out 6 months ago.