Wednesday , June 6 2018

Samsung Galaxy Nexus goes on sale at Telstra from tomorrow, $0 on $79 cap

Well there we go folks, Telstra are getting Google’s flagship device, something I thought I’d never see. Telstra customers will be the first in Australia to get their hands on the Galaxy Nexus (through a carrier) when it goes on sale at their new Androidland store in Melbourne and Telstra Store in Sydney’s CBD — as well as online. Other Telstra resellers such as JB Hi-Fi and Fone Zone will sell the device from Thursday the 15th.

As for pricing, Telstra are slightly more expensive than the competition which is expected (not to mention annoying) with a price of $10/mo on their $59 Freedom Connect Plan or if you want it for free, you’ll have sign up to their $79 Freedom Connect Plan which includes $800 of credit, unlimited texts and 2GB of high-speed mobile data. If you’re a business customer, Telstra will be selling the Galaxy Nexus on their $59 Business Mobile Maximiser plan for $10/mo. We’ll be doing a plan comparison very shortly, so stay tuned for that.

In the press release Telstra specified the device would run on Telstra’s HSPA+ network, so there’s no LTE there which is what we expected anyhow.

Source: Telstra, and Press Release.

Buzz Moody  


  1. i just went down to android land in Melb Telstra and they are pumping this phone 3 or 4 on display (which i was a little shocked at seeing as they said supper limited supply) and a sammy rep and they are handing out ICS’s down here too.

  2. They’re giving out free Magnum ice cream sandwiches at the Sydney George St Telstra store right now to promote the launch….mmmm yummy!

    And the phone is pretty sweet too 😉

  3. It’s not in MOaM today…. is it not available to corporate account holders today?

  4. anyone been in to see if they have them to play with?
    thinking of going to androidland this afternoon

  5. excellent news. Time to give back my loaner SGSII

  6. To late. Mine is coming tomorrow from Mobicity. With 1cent txt our family stays connected. 

  7. It’s not alot of data for $79 a month to be honest.
    They could throw in another gig or two.

  8. will this be LTE compactable??? as telstra is planning for its LTE network….

  9. I will wait until it drops to $5 or less on the $59 cap…. or if that takes too long I must just wait until the SGS3.

  10. I have already bought it outright because i was unsure if Telstra would get it, and thought that if they did it woukd be atleast $80 p/m. I may have considered it if i knew i could get it for $69. Ah well, 12 months byo $49 cap, we will see what they have in a years time. Btw, loving my Nexus!

  11. Yay. i was right as usual. They are more expensive than the competition. Although no as bad as i thought they would be. You got to love competition. Which is why i have been campaigning for none of this exclusive crap for ages.

    • Hold on….. You were right that Telstra is going to be more expensive than the competition, isn’t really a bragging right….. Telstra is ALWAYS MORE  expensive than optus or voda etc!

  12. Yeeeeah buddy. About time they made an announcement.

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