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Welcome to the final day of the 10 cent app sale, at this stage we have 12 apps found by readers on Reddit, 8 new and 4 repeats, i`m interested to find out how many times the apps in this sale have been downloaded in total. This insanely popular sale has presented Google with an interesting problem, I’m pretty sure there are developers out there who would love to get their app out to a wide audience such as the people attracted by this sale. A possible fix would be to offer a 10 cent app of the day perhaps?
New Apps :

Repeated Apps :

I’ll monitor the market overnight to make sure no new apps appear to take us over the 12 found so far, i’m kind of disappointed Power Amp never came up but i’ll just fork over the cash now the sale has ended. I think I grabbed every app offered during this sale except for 2, how many did you grab?

Source: RedditAndroid Market.
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    What is the use of paying for Star Chart when android already has Google Sky Map?

    Alex Gerontzos

    I wanted power amp…. oh well good time to buy apps non the less.

    Tom Agius

    I swear I could have seen the Plex icon on one of the banners, but it hasn’t shown up in the sale at all, which is a shame because I was pretty keen on picking it up


    Could not find anything interesting today. Oh well, I should be happy for the 20+ apps during the 10-day sale.


    I got all of them, and there’s probably some of the games that I’ll never play! At 10c each though, why not? It’s now in my market history that I own all these apps now, in case I ever go back and want to install them…


    I was hoping for a soundhound rerun and maybe minecraft as i only got my galaxy nexus today and missed most of the sale..oh well