Today Rockstar Games has released the highly anticipated Android version of their smash hit game Grand Theft Auto 3. This is a special 10 year anniversary edition of the game that brought sandbox gaming to life back in the early 2000’s.

It has impressive HD graphics that are tweaked to optimise smaller screen resolutions and touch controls for double thumb play. One of the great features about the games, is the ability to use select USB controllers.

Unfortunately if you’re one of the lucky few who has recently picked up a Galaxy Nexus, it won’t run on the device just yet, but Rockstar has stated in the Market description that support will be coming soon.

So for all of you die hard gamer’s and nostalgic individuals, do yourself a favour and sink $5.04AUD into the Market to have this classic game in the palm of your hands.

Source: Market.
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    Andy Robb

    Anyone got any idea why its not showing up as a compatible device for my Tab 10.1 (wifi 7510 edition) in the market,even though its listed as a compatible device in the blurb?

    Any way round this?

    Andy Robb

    Its on the market for 10.1 now…not sure why the delay, but I’ve got this up & running on the tab and its pretty awesome!! 🙂


    Works on my stock sgs2 no worries. No difference to orignal all those years ago. Class!


    Just downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Vodafone version) with no problems. I am yet to actually start a game though due to low battery, but download was smooth (around 400+ MB).

    alec cutler

    wont work on my galaxy nexus… too bad, i was looking forward to staying up all night

    Brendan Barton

    What gives. Its going at 62KBs


    Fwiw, it will say it can be installed on sgs2, but once installed, it wont run (might if you have CF3D?).

    If your stock galaxy 2, don’t waste the coin or download… yet

    Justin Harvey

    Time to edit build.prop and have some fun. just need to get a USB controller.


    Interesting that there are 4 versions in the market… This Australian version, the US version, a German version, and a Japanese version.

    I wonder what the differences are between the US and Aus versions…


    English and American languages I’d assume


    So they say “colour” instead of “color” in the subtitles?


    And not compatible with my Galaxy S 2 yet it says it’s compatible with my old Legend

    Buzz Moody

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Buzz Moody

    Fucking stupid. It says it’s 17.8MB, but it’s only 8MB. It then asks you to download ~408MB, but it downloads 30MB and then says you have no data connection. 



    Buzz, my Galaxy S2 was doing the same. I had 800mb and it had the same error. I cleared some more space, removed the game and reinstalled. It worked for me then.


    Maybe coz your a noob? Worked perfectly on my Acer Iconia + controller. No lag, downloaded off market perfectly and downloaded entire 400MB in 6mins. Win.

    Ps. Controls feel so natural.