The wait is over, the official Tintin movie tie-in game from Gameloft is now available to purchase. The movie, which is due out on the 26th of Decemeber is fantastic and Tintin fans can get a look at the storyline by playing through this game. It follows the general storyline of the film but doesn`t spoil the movie experience when you watch it.

After the initial purchase and install of the game, when you first launch it you are prompted to download 898mb of files, so i’d suggest completing the download on Wifi. Once the download is completed you watch a beautifully animated movie intro to start the story off. The game contains 9 different levels, which take you to settings from the film such as Marlinspike hall, The Karaboudjan and the Desert. Throughout, you`ll play as either Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock or Sir Francis Haddock depending on what needs to be achieved.

The levels are comprised of elements such as stealth, puzzle solving and sword fighting. An on-screen D-pad on the left allows you to control the character direction and a run/stealth button on the right, controls your characters speed. When required the game highlights objects which you can interact with to further the story and during fights or stealth you may need to swipe different ways to win and continue on. Each level has coins and puzzle pieces to collect, which contribute to your overall level score.

The game is 3D and graphics are brilliant, considering this is running on a smartphone and all the graphics are rendered in real time I was impressed with the fluidity of the graphics even on my Nexus S. The gameplay is fairly linear although there are ample opportunities to have a look around as I have not come across any timed sections as yet.

Screenshots :

The Game is available for for $7.49 in the Android Market or if you want it slightly cheaper, you can get it for $6.60 from the Gameloft website. I’m already on record as stating that I`m willing to pay a premium to keep all my apps in one place, so i`ve purchased from the Android Market. I`ve only made it through about a third of the game so far but i`m already having an immense amount of fun with it and there appears to be enough gameplay here to keep you entertained for a fair amount of time, so as far as i`m concerned The Adventures of Tintin HD is well worth the price.

Here`s the trailer if you`re still not convinced :

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    Vijay Alapati

    i downloaded the today and it sucks….there is no additional download required as it is now 22mb with 2d graphics….read few comments in market and noticed they have changed in the latest version from 3d to 2d in the latest version
    very bad