Tuesday , June 5 2018

Ausdroid’s 2011 reader survey.

Ausdroid Reader Survey

Back in May this year, we ran a reader survey to get a better understanding of who our readers were. We have since used the results of the survey to inform a number of changes around Ausdroid, including:

  • Increased the number of authors
  • Fine tuned the targeting of our content
  • Ensuring our posts target our demographic
  • Picking good-fit advertisers to partner with us.

One thing we didn’t do, in a particularly timely fashion, was publish the results of the survey. This was a for a few different reasons, but we are pleased to now make the survey report available for people to read. The survey results are attached below this post.

Download the survey results here: PDF (750kB)

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

Chris has been at the forefront of smartphone reporting in Australia since smartphones were a thing, and has used mobile phones since they came with giant lead-acid batteries that were "transportable" and were carried in a shoulder bag. He saw the transition from AMPS to GSM, loved the Motorola StarTac, and got into Palm technologies in a big way. The arrival some years later of the original iPhone, and then the early Androids, awoke a new interest in mobile technology, and Chris has been writing about it since.

Today, Chris publishes one of Australia's most popular technology websites, Ausdroid. His interests include mobile (of course), as well as connected technology and how it can make all our lives easier.


  1. When will the Ausdroid 2012 Reader Survey be going live? Last year’s one went live, mid May.

  2. Thanks for posting the survey results, Chris
    It’ll be interesting to see how the Phone Model, Android Version and Android ROM sections pan out next year.
    Hopefully, ‘About your primary mobile phone’ will have a corresponding ‘About your primary tablet’ section next year.

  3. woah, so many stock rom users.

    • That’s the thing about Android, It can be customized as lightly or as heavily as a user needs, up to and including replacing the ROM, IF there is one for your make/model of device.
      What would be an interesting sub breakdown would be to see how many users on stock ROM have rooted their devices, and/or replaced the launcher.

      • I Agree Jeni, I love fiddling around with my devices with Apps and Settings. I just don’t have enough time and enthusiasm at the moment for replacing ROMS  

  4. Good for you for doing the survey & posting the results. I think I contributed but it was 6 months ago…

  5. The 65+ results surprised me, I would have expected none personally. The Male to female ratio was predictable as was the state distribution. Good survey though, decent sample size.

    • Hey, some of us oldies have been around IT since before you were born! God that makes me feel old, particularly as this coming year I will move from the 45-55 into the 55-65 age group. 

      PS My first job in IT involved Punched Paper Tape and Punched Cards, so now my mission is to be completely mobile with a phone and a tablet!

  6. Hey Chris, you’ve left someone’s personal details under “Contribute Something”, someone’s email address and message. 

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