T’is the season to be jolly, folks, and with news coming out of Android’s head honcho, Andy Rubin, that there are now over 700,000 Android devices activated each and every day there’s no reason to not be jolly. At that rate, over the next year there will be over 255,000,000 (255 million) Android devices activated — hopefully a nice percentage of those will come from Australian shores. Apple sold over 130,000,000 (130 million) iOS devices in the previous year (from October) so we could certainly see Android push ahead of iOS in terms of activations in the coming year. Exciting times ahead, as always.

Source: Andy Rubin (G+).
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Rohan Juneja

That’s pretty impressive. I think we’re likely to see closer to 300 million activations in the next year because the 700,000 figure grows about 4% week over week. Or it was when the 500,000 mark was passed. But it should still climb steadily especially with the SGS3 Galaxy Nexus and increased adverstising.


I was impressed back in 2010 when I heard there 100,000 activations a day haha. Times have changed.