If you’re a fan of Optus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you’ll be happy to know the two are now available as one — a beautiful partnership, I know. You can grab yourself a 16GB 3G model from Optus on their Optus Tablet Plans — if you want it for free you’re going to have to fork out $49 a month. The $49 plan comes with 4GB of mobile data which is more than enough for each month of use. If this deal and the many more offered by Optus tickle your fancy, then head over to the source link below.

Source: Optus.
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I’m waiting for an ICS tablet. I don’t want all the Samsung Touchjunk on there.

Christopher Bruce

Don’t know why people buy tablets with 3G as the wifi version is much cheaper and you can just connect it to your mobile phone.

David Klaverstyn

Totally agree.

Mikhail Cass

Although I agree (and currently own a XOOM Wifi – USA version)
Having 3G readily available is handy!  Especially since I own a SGSII and need all the battery life I can get! 


Agreed …


really? I personally would not be able to justify the extra funds, but i can see massive benefits. Having the tablet 3g ready at anytime, and dont know about you but tethering is going to drain my battery – i can drain it in a day without the help of a tablet.

Vijay Alapati

donno why Telstra is not brings this up?