It`s been a pretty good month for buying apps and games for Android and now Gameloft are putting their catalog on-sale, from today for a limited time you can purchase their titles including the recently released title Tintin HD for just $0.99. Modern Combat 3 is a special case, it will only be on-sale for one day and Gameloft will announce when on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Check out the Gameloft catalog on the Android Market here. I don`t know about anyone else but I’m keen to try out Modern Combat 3 so i’ll be checking keeping an eye on their twitter feed and Facebook page for it to come up, now my only problem is finding enough time to play all these applications i’ve purchased over the last couple of weeks.

Source: Gameloft.
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    Stephen Reeves

    They get great IP with lots of potential, but seem to make very crappy games out of it.


    Agree, and many new ones are infested with IAPs