If you haven’t yet bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus because you weren’t satisfied with the limited 16GB of Internal Storage, you won’t have to wait much longer. UK online retailer, Handtec, have posted on their blog announcing a 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale from February 6th. They have priced the 32GB model at £499.99 (~$754) with an additional payment of £26.90 (~$41) for postage — which gives you a total price of about $795. While the price may be a little bit steep at first, once a few other retailers start offering the 32GB Galaxy Nexus it should begin to fall.

We’ve heard no word from Australian carriers as to whether or not they’ll be stocking the 32GB model, however, we will get in contact to see if this is indeed the case.

Source: Handtec.
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Leon Hewitt

Hey All,

Any ideas if the 32GB version is still coming out?
I am holding off upgrading my phone, hoping it will be released soon…
but as Mike D said, i haven’t been able to find any official info from Samsung or Google…
found some threads like this, talking as if the 32GB has been discontinued
though the article link is broke.
Electronic Bazaar states that this phone is sold out, but under technical specs it still says “Preorder”

Any info would be great. am i wasting my time waiting for this!?

the hard man

I think they were banking on a much higher cloud usage than presently is the case. Otherwise they really stuffed up with no upgradeable storage / card slot. I, for one, won’t ever use the cloud functions because I don’t believe in the privacy or safety of it. I would have bought one of these as soon as it came out if it had more storage.


Mobicity now has the 32gb Galaxy Nexus up for Pre-order for AUD$899 🙂

Mike D

This seems fishy. Why have only handtec announced this? Why not a peep out of Samsung and Google. I for one think handtec have got something wrong here….. however would love to be proven wrong followed closely by a price drop of aapproximately $100AUD 😉


Unless they announce a 32GB for AUS in the next week or so I’m sad to say I’ll be crawling back to Apple
My 3 year old iphone has been full for all but the first few months – imagine adding HD video and higher res photos. 


I thought something like this would happen… just as well i didnt get one yet but i still think 16gb isnt too bad.

geoff fieldew

I’m only using 5GB of the available 13GB on my 16GB Galaxy Nexus. Some people have big music collections or want to take heaps of pics or HD video though. For them a 32 GB model is welcome relief.


If you root it and use cwm then each Nandroid uses over 1gb…add to that some music and maybe a movie..then you install a few games (eg MC3 by facelift states in the description it requires 1.37gb of free space to install!) that require data to be installed and 16gb fills up pretty quickly…but then for me to sell my 16gb nexus on ebay by the time I pay their ridiculous fees, I may get 550 on the pocket..so is this extra 16gb worth the upgrade costing $250…possibly not imho ..just buy extra data each month on my telstra pre… Read more »