Motorola Mobility have released a teaser video declaring they will be showing off wireless charging at CES 2012. The video — viewable below — is all CGI which shows a generic Motorola wall-socket USB charger crying, as it’s obviously not going to be used any more. Conductive charging isn’t anything new at all, but it’s always nice to see some cool stuff being done wirelessly. Maybe they can also announce denser batteries? One can dream..

Source: Motorola.
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You people are so mental. It is obviously nothing to do with wireless charging. It has to do with the fact that they are releasing new phones which have longer battery life.


I think when the article mentioned “conductive” it actually meant “inductive”.
And yes, they have found a way to charge safely without cables – it’s called inductive charging….


Something along these lines perhaps?

Buzz Moody

Wow, nice! I feel cancer is going to be a growing trend at CES.

Jason Cartwright

If this is just an inductive charging pad, that’s lame. But if they’ve actually found a way to charge (safely) without cables, then I’m all for it. Very exciting week ahead.