+ Friday October 18th, 2019

Xperia Blog have received exclusive photos of the previously never-seen-before Sony Ericsson MT27i codenamed ‘Pepper’. The device is a prototype — as shown by ‘prototype’ etched into the back of it — and could be one of the last devices to launch under the Sony Ericsson moniker along with the Nozomi and LT28at. Xperia Blog believe the MT27i will be the successor to the Xperia Neo V and will have the following specs according to rumours they’ve heard:

  • 1GHz Dual-Core CPU (ST-Ericsson NoveThor U8500)
  • 3.7-inch 854×480 Capacitive Display
  • 5MP Rear Camera (720p Video) w/ Flash
  • Notification LED
  • Capacitive Buttons

The capacitive buttons are a change-up from what we’ve previously seen on Sony Ericsson devices, however, they’ve kept the same 3 button line-up — back, home, menu. It’s also nice to see a dual-core CPU in a Sony Ericsson device, and considering this device is pretty mid-range all the high-end devices will surely be above 1GHz dual-core.

There’s no rumoured date of release/announcement for the MT27i but with CES coming up in the next few days and MWC next month, there’s plenty of opportunities for Sony Ericsson to push this one out the door.

Source: Xperia Blog.

Buzz Moody  

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Ausdroid Reader

It reminds me a lot of say… a T600.. 😛  Or something.  That kind of styling anyway.


That’s just ugly.

In my opinion at least.


I think it just looks ugly just becauae its a sony ericisson. Have nothing against them its just that each design seems to be as ugly as the last with very few element evolutions

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