All the action starts at CES 2012 over in Las Vegas, Nevada from tomorrow (officially starts on the 10th) and although a majority of the technology stays States-side, we’d love to hear from you guy what you’d like to see come out of CES — whether it be Android related or not. We’ll be keeping track of the Android happenings and reporting anything awesome or even if Australia is mentioned for device launches (not likely).

Personally, I’d like to see Sony even just hint at new awesome phones; Samsung show off some new awesome display technology (OLED TV sounds cool); and any Android device launches from reputable manufacturers. What do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

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    Amos S

    I might be out of date but as far as I saw the Xoom is the king of Android tablets so far except that it has only WiFi. Now I never used a tablet in earnest before (so I’m not 100% sure that WiFi only would be a problem), but maybe a Xoom with 3G/4G would be interesting.


    A decent physical qwerty smartphone such as droid 4/milestone 4.  If it is released hope you guys ca n push optus motorola for an aus release like with the Razr.  So badly want a decent qwerty smartphone and yet most Aus sites aren’t interested any more


    Some good previews so far!

    A cool looking surveillance vehicle:

    An innovative car charger:

    An upgrade Parrot A.R Drone:

    A remote control helicopter you can control via your phone (I’ll be getting one as I’m just a big kid):

    A cool idea, I wonder if this will be for Android phones:


    A fast, full featured Android 4.0 phone that isn’t ENORMOUS

    Sujay Vilash

    How an Android Tablet, any decent tablet from a reputable company that is cheaper than Apple’s iPad 2.  Can believe some of the prices for a device that has a FREE operating software.  Surely the hardware can’t be all that expensive.


    Apples software is free to them also…considering they’d only be buying it off themselves. And considering just about every android tablet is cheaper anyway…………………. Id be happy to get my hopes up for a 1920×1200 res galaxy 10.1 II Quadcore xynos tab


    I’d like to see LG show off their 84″ LED TV.. Looks like a crazy nice screen.
    Also, will be interested to see what Nokia have up their sleeve.

    Exciting times.


    how about the HTC Edge….


    HTC to have some ticker a go for a decent flagship for a change. 


    Samsung Galaxy Note LTE suitable for Telstra NextG/LTE. My Galaxy S is dying and needs a replacement…


    Galaxy S III


    LIke to see blackberry step upto the plate. In an avid android user but competition is bloody good for everyone, keeps em all on there on there toes and MAKES THEM INNOVATE… HEAR THAT HTC…

    Rohan Juneja

    Galaxy S III with a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus HD screen, gorilla glass 2, Exynos 4412 and the Mali T-604 coupled with a better 8MP camera and thinner and sleeker design.

    Jason Hill

    I’d like to see HTC come up with a good tablet say 10.1 ” with ICS and Sense 3.X


    Same here. I like to see more info on the HTC Quattro. Last bit of information was that they expect to release it in March so now is a good time to release info on it.


    More phones equipped with 8MP or more cameras.


    Galaxy S III

    David Anderton

    hoping to see some decent android powered car decks!


    Skin free UI, Ice Cream Sandwich tablets that are comfortable to hold but less than 10mm in thickness & 600g weight. At least 720p resolution PLS, IPS or SAmoled display on anything between 8-10 inches screen size. 1.2 Ghz dual core min CPU & powerful GPU.


    Big things such as O.S.2 Playbook,the Nvidia Tegra 3 Quadcore 4, Windows 8 and Ivy Ridge CPU. Release of smartphones and tablets with Windows 8. Should be a big year for Ultra Books..Also a recovery for Blackberry who always offer something different.


    Phones and tablets with true HD displays 1920 x 1080

    Norman Ma

    I’d like to see some high-res tablets (like the rumoured Acer Iconia Tab A700), but I’m really keeping my eye out for the Fuji X-Pro 1 mirrorless camera. That thing is seriously amazing.

    Slightly off topic, but why don’t proper digital cameras have a fully-fledged operating system like Android? Imagine a DSLR that could run applications to process images quickly and have network connectivity too…