Tuesday , June 5 2018

HTCdev ‘Unlock Bootloader’ tool now unlocks Desire HD, additional Desire and Wildfire models

HTC has added the Desire HD — along with new models of the Desire and Wildfire — to its list of devices able to have their bootloaders unlocked using HTC’s offical HTCdev ‘Unlock Bootloader’ tool. If you’re unsure of what the bootloader is, you can safely ignore this article. If you do know what it is and you’re ready to get rid of HTC’s limitations, head over to the source link, unlock the bootloader and get flashing.

We’re not able to confirm if the new Desire and Wildfire models added to the list include the ones sold by Telstra, but if it works let us know. Telstra’s official stance on locked bootloaders is that they’re open to users unlocking their device as long as they know their warranty is no longer valid in some circumstances.

Source: HTCdev.

Buzz Moody  


  1. Not working for me on my VFAU purchased DHD with the specified ROM version. You go through the hoops and then it says the ROM verion is not upported and to “expect an update soon”. Well, there was jut a recent update. Epic fail, again. My phone has been *much* less stable since the lat update: that’s why I am going to a custom ROM, after 10 months with this frustrating process.

    HTC deigns to release an update, after having to tweak the questionable Sense add on, VFAU have to add their crapware and test it (poorly, ince it’ an old phone), and it’s broken. Now the consumer (me) is screwed.


  2. Have managed to unlock my Telstra desire (stock 2.26 rom) using the official method and now have CM7 running perfectly.

    After unlocking the phone is still S-ON but this doesn’t seem to matter as I didn’t have to update the radio. Once unlocked you need to get the ClockworkMod Rescue image from


    and install it using
    > fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

    I then just followed the Recovery based instructions at
    obviously installing the google apps as well.


  3. I tried Unlocking my Desire hd and It didnt unlock. Look at my tweets. @rojajimmy. I posted pics and the Idiots HTC and HTCDEV have not answered me on twitter

  4. Went
    to download HTC’s official HTCdev ‘Unlock Bootloader’ tool only to find I had to
    register first. Pity HTC can’t give it away without data mining us. 🙁 Fail!

  5. Cant get this to work on telstra Wildfire S due to HBOOT versions,  Has anyone succeeded?

  6. when was the bootloader on the desire HD ever locked? or did they lock it in one of the updates?

  7. Woohoo! I bought my HTC Wildfire S from 3 UK and it’s loaded with extra bloatware on an already heavily restricted internal memory. This is fantastic news!!!!

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