Modern Warfare 3 has been available in Australia since November and Activision promised an Elite mobile app that would help with loadouts and monitoring of your multiplayer stats. Unfortunately due to overwhelming demand on their servers the release of the app was held off, however it has now been released to the market to download.

The app which requires you to sign up for a Call Of Duty Elite account is free for the basic membership but offers the option to sign up for premium content which offers more features like Monthly DLC, You can compare the free vs Premium content here.

Personally I liked Battlefield 3 from what I’ve seen, but as most of my friends will tell you, I’m not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. Buzz, however is a much more proficient gamer and he seems to like Battlefield 3 as well so I`ll go with that. Head over to the source link to download the app and let me know in the comments, would you like to see more mobile apps for games?

Source: Android Market.
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    Too bad the game is actually crap 🙂
    Still waiting for the BF3 android app 🙂