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As a new parent i’ve learnt the value of The Wiggles as a group, kids just seem to love their music and they sell out concerts all over the world and i’ll admit that they do actually have a bunch of fairly catchy tunes. The good news for parents is that Ruckus Media Group has been granted the worldwide rights to develop Wiggles based storybook applications for Android-enabled mobile devices and tablets (and iOS devices as well). The first apps will arrive in April for iOS but Android apps will arrive later this year. Ruckus has already created some very popular childrens apps for iOS so it will be good to see what they can do on Android.

True to The Wiggles’ philosophy of “Wiggle and Learn,” an edutainment platform that teaches children while they’re having fun, the new Ruckus interactive storybooks will feature The Wiggles’ music, video and educational activities appropriately placed within the narrative stories so children can truly interact with the mobile digital experience

I can`t wait for these storybook apps to arrive, for the Boy at least. The Wiggles produce excellent quality videos, albums I can’t wait to see what they can do with this medium and with the recent return of the original Yellow Wiggle it’s good to see some other news regarding them to divert attention from this controversial subject.

Source: Android CentralRuckus Media Group Press Release.
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    Phil Tann

    You forgot to mention – There’s something in it for the Dad’s too.
    Some of their dancers are quite easy on the eyes!


    Now that is extremely important bit of info there. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to youtube to look them up…..