Red Bull Mobile are currently running an offer that allow you to pick up their HTC ChaCha for just $1 when you also purchased their Access 365 pre-paid pack which gives you unlimited calls, texts, and 5GB of data each month over a year — all for $365 of course. If you’re not fussed about forking out the fairly large payment straight out, then the extra $1 for the phone is a pretty good deal. Red Bull Mobile use Vodafone’s network, so you might have to check to see what coverage is like around your area. The offer is running until the 29th of February, though stock might not last that long. If you’re interested, hit up Red Bull Mobile’s site!

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Nick Farrell

I bought a ChaCha from vodafone last December for $99, which was a great deal. Not only has HTC unlocked the bootloader, allowing fairly easy rooting of the handset, but the ChaCha isn’t locked to Vodafone – I have put a telstra SIM in and it’s worked without any problem. 
I can’t be sure these ChaChas are also unlocked, but it’s a distinct possibility. The $30/month access fee for 12 months on Voda really doesn’t sound worth it though..

Daniel Orchard

What happens when you hit 5gb? does it just cut off data until next month? throttle?   I have never had data on a prepaid service before


Old deal guys….. Been running since start of Jan! Plus on ozbargin weeks ago!


Oh god not the VodaFail network. poor people who sign up 🙁


I am on vodafail. When my contract expires in December, I’ll switch to telstra. I am sick of having a smart phone that constantly has dead reception between train stations.

I like virgin mobile but i heard that it uses the Optus network which struggles with data. Is that still true?


Optus data is MUCH better than Vodafone from my experiences.