According to a rumour-based report over at Android and Me, Samsung might be launching a tablet to blow the rest out of the water at Mobile World Congress next month. The author of the report, Taylor Wimberly, says that he saw the device with his own eyes and camera at a special Samsung event at CES, but was told to remove photos of the device from his camera after the event.

Wimberly says that the tablet has a display larger than 10-inches and is powered by one of Samsung’s new CPUs, the Exynos 5250, which is dual-core and clocked at 2GHz. It’s also based off ARM’s Cortex-A15 core which offers 1.5x the processing power and 4x the graphics power performance over the previous generation Cortex-A9. The display is said to have a resolution of 2560×1600 which is also the maximum resolution the chip can output. It’s expected that the size of the display will be 11.6-inch because 1) that’s been reported as rumour on site for months. 2) It’s the logical next step — anything larger than that will be too large. Oh yeah, it’ll be running Android 4.0 as well.

Perhaps Samsung will be making a big deal out of this to make up for the lack of a certain much-anticipated smartphone.

Source: Android and Me.
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Frank Benign

Hope it’s not pentile.  Why is no-one other than Apple using a 4:3 form factor?


maybe cause apple is using it? That would probably make them more of a target for apple’s legal team.
or android is probably designed for 16:9 aspect ratio. Or android manufacturers want the screen to basically give the look and feel of a small HDTV or computer screen which mostly are also 16:9

Frank Benign

Well, it’s actually 16:10.  16:9 would be even worse.  Anyway, who cares about Apple.  Did they patent 1024×768?  Apple photoshops their “evidence” anyway, judges are none the wiser.


It seems that there is plenty of room to reduce the size of the bezel and fit this screen in the same sized chassis as the existing 10.1, so I hope this is what happens.


Yeah what I hear it will be the 11″ screen in the body of the 10.1 tab so its not realy a bigger tablet just a bigger screen size


I’m sure they made apple think about IPads size. That’s got to say smaller and larger tablets have a place.. The 7.7 would be perfect for me on the go, but in work a larger 10″ plus would be nice.

I was hoping this chip would Power the sgs3.


Samsung made it huge to make the Galaxy Note look small.


too big…

stick those specs on a 10.1…


Too big for you. I have the Tab 7.7 3g and it is the perfect size for me. Samsung loves to play the field with Tablet sizes and I am sure they will find a market for it.  
As long as they keep pushing they hardware envelope for Android, and providing a choice for people that don’t want to buy into the Apple ecosystem, I will be a happy man.

I do agree they should spec that onto the next 10.1 though.