It’s time to bid the friendly, familiar name of ‘Sony Ericsson’ goodbye. The EU has approved the Sony buyout of Ericsson’s share of Sony Ericsson, meaning that Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is no more. Sony Mobile Communications is the go-to name of the company now (Sony, for short).

If anything, we hope for the sake of Sony that it’s not just a name change and it does lead to them creating some greats phones and tablets that will bring back into the black from their more recent $258 million loss last quarter. If you own a Sony Ericsson device, keep it, it may just become a collector’s item.. or not.

Source: The Verge.
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tis a good move the latest xperia handsets have been great


Abouy time. chop off the old infected limb which is ericsson and move forward to make sony mobile devices better!