It turns out that Apple isn’t all that happy with the Galaxy Nexus after all.. well sort of. Apple has filed a preliminary injunction motion against the Galaxy Nexus because of 4 patents that it infringes upon, when in fact it’s actually Android 4.0 infringing — Apple just want to make the biggest scene possible. The patents cover really basic stuff like clicking links and numbers in text as well as auto-correction in the keyboard. It would be interesting to see if Apple takes this action world-wide, but for now it’s just America that has to deal with the patent trolls. Check out the source link for an in-depth look at the patents being infringed upon.

Source: The Verge.
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lose command, re-gain control 🙂


Apple is the great inventor of our time. they invented the computer, the mouse, phone, tablet, the i, the touch, rounded corners, grid icons, the time machine, 3D and countless others…


apple is going down. stupid freaking iphone has been the same stuff since 2007


You missed the word ‘allegedly’ a couple times in the article.  Somewhere before the words infringes/infringing.

Abdullah A30

Given the fact that IOS5 had big problems, Apple shud focus on their own products instead of trying to stop others from coming out better.

Be a healthy competition or sit out of the race.

BJ Beej

What’s next Apple? The wheel?

geoff fieldew

Ugh 🙁 Here we go again. 

Evan Whiteside

errrghh…. enough already!


Good god, Apple! Just go to hell will ya!?!?


An apple a day just can’t keep Android away.


Maybe Apple should just grow up, get on with life and start doing what they do best-looking after their ever decreasing numbers of  apple-olics. I guess the big plus for us is that they are know a great consumer product when they see it-ANDROIDS and how does the saying go? Any publicity is good publicity.


Someone should ban apple from drugs.


Apple are worth about 500B but they want more they make Microsoft look like girl guides even when MS had Bill. Google should sue Apple. The iphone UI hasn’t changed since iphone 3g. Boring


another apple troll…. they are all like its mine bitch …