We were hearing the rumours of the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note going to Telstra from various sources, but now a solid source has today confirmed that dummy models of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G have arrived at Telstra retail stores. This means two things:

  • These devices are legit, and are actually launching
  • They’re launching really soon

With these dummies headed into stores, it means that advertising and the selling of these devices is going to happen really soon. For instance the Velocity 4G dummies weren’t in stores all that long before it actually went on sale. Our source hasn’t been able to provide a launch date and pricing for the Galaxy Note & Galaxy S II 4G, though when and if that comes to hand we’ll let you know. We do know that Telstra are planning to launch the Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G in late Feb / early March, so that might be when all 3 devices launch.

It’s interesting that Telstra is bringing in the older model Galaxy S II as their 4G device instead of waiting out for the Galaxy S III, then again they may do both. There was also no word on the Galaxy Note being 4G, so you may have to deal with just HSPA+ 21Mbps — what a first world problem. Another thing is that Telstra isn’t going with the technical ‘LTE’ naming scheme, instead opting for the more simplistic ‘4G’.

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Saw a dummy model in JBHiFi today was told that the release date is 28 Feb or 6 March.


Galaxy Note that is.


Which JB HI FI?


Boy, these carriers have another thing coming when actual 4G networks are implemented in around five years time.  Will they call it 5G?


What Telstra is calling 4G is at least lte not like the USA!

Lte is going through what 3G went through. It didn’t start out at 21mbps…. No it started out much less. We have a mix of 3.6, 7.2, 14.4 and 21mbps 3G towers around. Lte is going to be no different.


Telstra probably aren’t waiting for the Galaxy S III because it’s an imaginary device!

I’m very interested in the Galaxy S II 4G though. Will be keen to see the specs once it’s launched! Need to make sure that radio is up to scratch!


Will the note have the exynos processor like the international version or the quallcomm like the yank version?


The article says that it looks like it’ll be the non 4G model, which means the exynos chip set…


Hopefully with NFC…


Interesting… but my Galaxy S II only gets max 8Mbps HSPA+, would the Note have different hardware to enable 21Mbps HSPA+ or is the network getting a boost? I would be happy with 21Mbps if I could get it!


I regularly see 12Mbps on my S2 with Telstra!


I am with Telstra! Arrrrrgh!

Tully Wully Woo Waa

Ditto, seeing 14Mpbs on my S2/Telstra is pretty regular. 


must be queensland


Wonder if it’s the 720p SGS2