We’ve received the above photo of Telstra’s internal computer system (Siebel) which is now listing the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note — our source says they’ve been there now for almost a week. While not all devices in Siebel actually launch (eg. Galaxy S II Mini, Galaxy S Plus) we’ve already heard from numerous sources that dummy units of the Galaxy S II 4G and Galaxy Note, as well as the Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G, have been arriving in stores.

Vodafone have already announced their plans to bring the Galaxy Note to market, so it can’t be too long before we see Telstra do the same. We’ve heard that Telstra are planning to launch the Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G later this month or early March which may mean that they’ll be launching all 3 devices in one massive hit. Should we hear from sources of a launch date and pricing, we’ll let you know.

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I’ve talked with multiple Telstra store sales reps and they’ve all said that the note will not support 4G/LTE.  Don’t know if this is true but probably wouldn’t hold my breath for it being 4G compatible.

Matt Booth

Samsung confirmed at the Note launch that their version would not be LTE, it is identical to Optus and Vodafone version. Oh, but it is nextG optimised..


Geezzz jus bring the note out will u Telstra…….taking too long……


I agree, get on with it, I want my Note already

Damian Kidd

A further question to ask here also, is if the SGSII LTE is the standard or the HD version. (Comparison of the 2 is here -> 
http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4198&idPhone2=4124 )

Damian Kidd

It’s doesn’t bode well that the note doesn’t have 4G after it 🙁 I would think that Telstra will label all their 1800Mhz LTE capable handsets 4G

Nick Fletcher

next thing we need to find out is if the Note is 4G!

Buzz Moody

I highly doubt it.

Alex Dennis

I actually like the idea of the Galaxy Note, just now wondering what the prices will be for it!
As for Galaxy S2 4G, I have a Galaxy S2 on Optus and would like 4G speeds, but Telstra is expensive and I am going to wait to see what their 4G service is like before I make up my mind on which carrier is better, as some of my friends have the HTC Velocity 4G and are raving about the speeds!!


Too bad they didn’t get a photo of the price.

Buzz Moody

Prices aren’t usually supplied for pre-release devices.

Benjamin Patterson

But how accurate is that screenshot as down the bottom it states Sony Ericsson Anzu.

Buzz Moody

I’m unsure of what you mean? It’s the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

Alex Dennis

Yeah, is that a new phone or just something that is old?? Off to look at the Sony Ericsson website!!

Buzz Moody

It came out Q2 2011.