Cloud storage is a wonderful thing, so far Dropbox has been the service of choice but Box appears to be making a grab for users recently partnering with Sony and LG to offer customers who bought their Android devices 50GB of online space. This morning Box released some updates for their Android app and are extending the offer of 50GB of storage to anyone who downloads and signs into their Android app between now and the 23rd of March.

The update includes the ability to now upload files up to 100MB in size, an updated the UI, the ability to view and add comments to files and invite folder collaborators and they`ve also improved their uploading experience so that you can now batch upload multiple files from your SD card. I`ve been using Box for a while and find it quite handy, mainly because I`ve had the 50GB of space already, so head on over to the source and grab the app if you haven`t already and sign up.

Source: Android Market.
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    Daniel Jiang

    please delete this post


    The only thing which stops me using this service is synchronisation. You have to pay to synchronise it automatically. Dropbox is still the best. Although, not much space but its worth using this!

    Otherwise, you can use your google mail or Google drive as your cloud service.

    Kent Tanaka

    The collaborative element of Box is impressive. I’m not sure about the upload limit of Google Drive, but being able to upload up to 100mb per file and share it with your friends is pretty useful for me.

    I guess that’s where the difference comes. I don’t particualrly require synchronisation so Box is the way for me.

    Luke Wiwatowski

    I wonder if you already have 50GB from previous promotions will this add to it? I gather not

    Kent Tanaka

    I think it should be perceived as an “upgrade” to a 50gb account, rather than additional 50GB storage.

    I’m a SE user and I didn’t get any notice… so hope that clears things up for you.

    Taufiq Khan

    Probably in response to the SkyDrive news…